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Telescope makes building Web3 web apps super simple.

Greg Osuri  -  Akash Network

Telescope is Awesome.

Ping Pub  -  The core author of Ping Explorer

tink u 4 ur contribushon. it makez a big differenze

Pupmos  -  $PUPMOS

We use your code in our projects. Appreciate your works.

Larry Engineer  -

I am so beyond impressed with this team and their code contributions over the last many months. 100% one of my favorite teams in the space.

Kevin Garrison  -  Oni Validator

The best frontend libraries for the interchain!

Daniel Farina  -  Osmosis Labs

Cosmology is a team of devs who will change the game in the cosmos ecosystem!

atmon3r  -  Developer at Bitcanna

What you're doing for developer experience cannot be overstated.

Mike Purvis  -  Starrybot, Croncats

Telescope is everything I ever wanted.

Tom Beynon  -  ECO Stake 🌱

At long last, one UI will be able to serve many chains and developers will be able to compose between chains

Jacob Gadikian  -  Notional

Create Cosmos App let me spin up a fully functional interchain frontend faster than I could get to the bottom of my first cup of coffee

Jon Ator  -  Osmosis Labs

Telescope represents a completely new user experience for how end developers interact with a universe of web3-based decentralized services

Rex St. John  -  Saga

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